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 Solo and Group Activities in WvW

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PostSubject: Solo and Group Activities in WvW   Solo and Group Activities in WvW I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2013 7:18 pm

World vs. World in Guild Wars 2 can seem like it’s a game of numbers, with large groups of organized players bashing into one another for dominance. However, don’t think that the game is won just by zerging. Objectives such as Resource Camps and Mercenary Camps can be taken with just a handful of players and contribute greatly to the overall war effort.

Everything from a single player to a small group has things to do that can turn the tides of battle. A lot of it involves supply lines and smaller objectives that contribute to the greater good of the world.

Supply and Ganks

Each keep must be supplied in order for the keep walls to hold under heavy assault and for counter siege weaponry to be built. Without the supply, the keep will eventually fall. To that end, destroying the roaming supply dolyaks can help and taking the supply camps can cripple the opposing army. Likewise, supply is required to maintain a siege (to build siege weaponry), so having a renewable source nearby can help a lot.

The same works in reverse. Defending siege camps can be the difference from a keep falling and a keep standing, especially Stonemist. PvE objectives can be the difference between a strong push and a stalemate.

There are a lot of mechanics at work out in the Eternal Battlegrounds and borderlands in WvW. Many of these only require a few people to take care of, but have a big impact on the larger battles. Let’s go over the different objectives and a rough count of people needed to handle each type.

Solo and Small Group Objectives in WvW

Sentries (Recommended: 1-2 Players)
Sentries stand and guard random locations throughout the map. You can either attack or defend a sentry. To capture a sentry point, slay the sentry and then stand in the capture point until the progress bar (displayed in the upper right corner of the screen) indicates that it has been captured. To defend a sentry, keep your sentry from perishing and hold the capture point. Generally, it’s not worth it to stand around and defend the different sentry points, but capturing them provides points for your world and is something a smaller task force can easily accomplish.

To defeat a sentry solo, you'll want to make sure your build can kite. Snares and speed buffs are a must. Then engage the soldier and begin to attack and move, the soldier can take you one on one without much effort. However, with two players, it becomes trivialized.

Dolyak Delivery / Dolyak Defense (Recommended: 1+ Player)
Dolyaks bring supplies from supply camps to towers and keeps. Without supply, the towers / keeps will be unable to withstand an attack unless there is an overwhelming number advantage. Players will have to go to a different supply location and return to the keep, which is often impossible given how players camp the entrances/exits. So it’s important to keep friendly caravans alive and enemy caravans dead.

The Dolyak does not attack; it walks from point A to point B on a set path. To attack a caravan, you simply just need to DPS the Dolyak down before it reaches its destination, it'll kind of start running whenever it comes under attack. To guard a Dolyak, you simply need to follow it along its journey. Both spawn smaller dynamic events that have appropriate rewards for successfully attacking or defending the dolyak.

Mercenary Camps (Recommended: 1+ Players)
Mercenary Camps require you to complete dynamic events in order to gain their “allegiance”. Many of these objectives can be soloed, although the larger the group, the faster it moves. Helping out with obtaining and maintaining mercenaries can make a major difference in both offense and defense, since the camps are constantly spawning fresh troops to move into battle. There are two events, the first is the "gain the loyalty" event, in which you'll need to kill enemies, ressurect allies, and more, easily soloable. The second is the "decrease their morale" event (when one world has their loyalty), which is a bit harder to complete solo and will need a small group. The borderlands have all of the mercenary camps in the middle.

Supply Camps / Resource Camps (Recommended: 5+ Players)
Supply camps can be assaulted by a group of just a few players. Five players should be sufficient to take out an undefended supply camp (although upgraded supply camps may prove tougher for just five). Taking these out not only grant your world supply, but deny the opposing worlds access to supply from that location.

On the flip side, the NPCs found in resource camps are tougher than standard mobs, and will be either Veterans or Champions. If a camp is under attack, joining the battle may flip the tides. If a small group is attempting to take a camp, a few defenders is all that is needed to repel them and keep the supply held firmly given the relative strength of the NPC defenders

Other Events

There are a lot of other things a solo player or small team can do. The mini-dungeon under the battlegrounds is something that you can explore and running supply around and repairing walls is another task that only a few players are required to do. Scouting enemy movements and reporting them is another important task, although one without an immediate tangible reward.

To serve as a scout for your world, consider bringing a character that’s a high enough level to have access to numerous sources of the Swiftness boon. While high mobility builds won’t be optimal for combat, they can allow you to traverse the map quickly, and avoid combat when necessary.

WvW isn’t just about large scale siege battles. As a matter of a fact, if teams of players don’t split off and take supply camps and hold towers, then the defenders will always have a substantial advantage.

Regale us in tales of heroism in the battlefield or share your own neat tips and tricks for involving yourself in small scale battles in the comments section below. If you’re logged in, feel free to bookmark this page below and return when you need more tips on small scale WvW battles.
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Solo and Group Activities in WvW
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